zoffania Johan Zoffany: Self Portrait with Head of Goliath c.1756

‘Selfie Power’ – A History of Self Portraiture (Talk)

It is amazing how many artists executed self portraits and also amazing how rarely they are aired or discussed. Many artists painted a whole body of self portraits (Rembrandt, Kathe Kollwitz, Sir William Orpen are examples). These series are particularly fascinating as we can see the development of their biography.

Unlike the other talks, the material is more isolated from the mainstream of the art historical narrative as Self Portraiture is largely a private genre (though many early examples were done to show case the artist’s skills), which operates along different lines and is largely cushioned from external demands. This freedom is also what makes it fascinating and unique.

If you are interested in the artists themselves and their often unusual and disturbed personalities and lives,
this is the talk for you! In addition, we will also be looking at aspects of style and cultural background.

This topic will be running as a longer series (12 sessions), commencing October 2019 at The Pennoyer Centre, Pulham St Mary. (See Home Page).

A one hour talk followed by questions if desired. Cost: £70 + travel expenses.