vigee Elisabeth Vigee-Le-Brun: Self Portrait in a Straw Hat 1782

‘Girl Power’ – A History of Women Artists (Talk)

This talk looks at approximately 50 works by women artists, most of them little known. We will look at their lives as well as describing the cultural, social and political environments in which they were working. The talk is broadly chronological commencing with the Medieval Period and travelling through the Renaissance to Modernism. We will look at mostly European artists such as Sofonisba Anguissola, Lavinia Fontana, Artemesia Gentileschi, Judith leyster, Elisabeth Vigee Le Brun, Angelica Kauffmann, Rosa Bonheur, Annie Swynnerton, Berthe Morisot, Laura Knight, Frida Kahlo (South American), Leonora Carrington and Tracey Emin.

There have been far more successful women artists than are generally known. As early as the 12th Century women painted, illustrated and even sculptured (mainly within convent settings). In following centuries some were so successful they were able to support their husbands and children. Some became official artists to monarchs or court artists.

Though circumstances were often against them (particularly parental disapproval and debarment from the life class), when determined they could achieve as much success as their male counterparts.

Given as a one hour talk with following questions. Cost: £70 + travel expenses.

Also now running at The Cut, Halesworth as a more in-depth talk series of 12. See Home Page.