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About Tania

Tania smallTania Harrington – Who is she?!

‘Art can really tap into areas of ourselves that often lie hidden and it also has the potential to change our views and deepen our inner life. It is such an endless and fertile soil, which is of therapeutic as well as educational value. The lives of the artists are equally as fascinating as their work and can both inspire and comfort us’. (Tania’s words)

I have an M.A. in History of Art from the University of Edinburgh and am also an occasional practicing artist. My specialism was the Northern Renaissance but I have branched out and am now particularly interested in Modernism, as well as evolving themes such as History of Portraiture, Self Portraiture and Women Artists which allow exploration of stylistic, philosophical and cultural development through the ages. Art works are windows into history. A natural researcher, I love to explore new areas and particularly those labelled outside the mainstream. I have been amazed by how many really good women artists there have been throughout history who have gone largely unnoticed.

I have a Certificate in Further Education, and used to be a school teacher as well as a college A’level lecturer. However, I have found there to be too much bureaucracy in educational establishments! and like many ex-teachers, have now decided to develop my own practice. I have been giving History of Art talks for about 6 years in a variety of venues around East Anglia.