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About Tania

Tania smallTania Harrington – Who is she?!

I have an M.A. in History of Art from the University of Edinburgh and am also a practising artist. My specialism was the Northern Renaissance but I have branched out and am now more interested in Modernism, as well as many other fields, such as portraiture and women artists which I have found to be  very rich and fascinating topics. A natural researcher, I love to explore new areas and particularly those labelled outside the mainstream.

I have a Certificate in Further Education, and used to be a college A’level lecturer. However, I have found there to be far too much bureaucracy and control in educational establishments, and like many ex-teachers, have now decided to develop my own practice. I have been running History of Art Courses for 5 years in a variety of venues.

Art can really tap into areas of ourselves that often lie hidden and it also has the potential to change our views and deepen our inner life. It is such an endless and fertile soil, hundreds of courses could be run! However, I have decided to focus on a few themes which enthuse me and which I hope present an attractive and refreshingly unusual entry into the art historical narrative. I also hope they give a broad view of the process and development of painting and sculpture, so that the works are not seen in isolation but rather part of a great unfolding drama. Every single work of art is connected in some way to what has gone before.